Eco Process Assistance
Dok Noord 4C bus 003
9000 Gent

Tel: +32 (0)9 381 51 30
Fax: +32 (0)9 221 82 18

Optimize Your Process

Real Advice for Real Solutions

EPAS specializes in the treatment of wastewater and provides process and technical advice to industries all over the world covering a wide range of technologies, including microbiological and physico-chemical treatments.

Advice supported by in-house lab research

EPAS invests heavily in our research facilities where we test all common and advanced wastewater purification techniques. Modern microscopical equipment ensures that we can perform detailed analysis of the microbial community in biological wastewater treatment systems. Our in-house research enables our engineers to examine and propose the latest and innovative technologies for the optimization of processes or the remediation of specific problems.

Master Your Wastewater

Knowledge and understanding are the key to stable water and wastewater treatment. EPAS provides training tailored to the needs of those employees responisble for the daily operation of the waste water treatment plant. We offer them the back-up knowledge required to operate efficiently. Our unique combination of theory training and practical techniques, tailored to your own treatment plant, will provide a maximum knowledge within a minimum time span.


EPAS is located at Dok Noord in Ghent. a location just outside the city center where an old factory site has been completely renovated into offices. Easily accessible from the main highways to Ghent and the public transport (Dampoort station).